Cartridge GT2052 703389-0002 28230-41431 Hyundai Truck

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Newry Cartridge GT2052 703389-0002 28230-41431 For Hyundai Truck

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Cartridge GT2052 703389-0002 28230-41431 Hyundai Truck


Part Number 433352-0022
Interchange 433352-5022S
OEM Number 1102020923
Turbo Model GT20, GT2052, GT2052S
Turbine Wheel 434715-0003/434715-0001 (Ind. 47.1 mm, Exd. 38.4 mm, 9 Blades) (1102120438)  
Comp. Wheel 451584-0007 (436322-0006) (Ind. 38.3 mm, Exd. 52. mm, Trm 54, 6+6 Blades, Extended back disc type) (1102015419)  


Hyundai Truck
Garrett GT2052 Turbos: 703389-0001, 703389-0002
HYUNDAI/KIA:  28230-41431

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What is your sample policy?
We ae pleased to provide sample for quality checking, sample andcourier fee at client’s cost.

Do you test all your goods before delivery?
Sure, all items are tested before delivery

What is your packing?
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