Cartridge S200G 12709880050 12709880017 Deutz TCD2013

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Newry Cartridge S200G 12709880050 12709880017 For Deutz Industrial Engine with TCD2013 Engine

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Cartridge S200G 12709880050 12709880017 Deutz TCD2013


Part Number 12707100007
Interchange number 1270-710-0007
Turbo Model S200G-3071NRAKB/0.66, S200G-3071NRAKB/0.76, S200G-3071NRAKB/0.66, S200G-3071NRAKB/0.76
Turbine Wheel 168431 (Ind. 55.95 mm, Exd. 69.6 mm, Trm 10.57, 10 Blades)  
Comp. Wheel 10771232001 (Milled Alu.)(Ind. 54.61 mm, Exd. 78.61 mm, Trm 5, 7+7 Blades, Superback)  


Volvo L120E, KHDEUTZ

Borg Warner S200G-3071NRAKB/0.66 Turbos:

12709880024, 12709880011

Borg Warner S200G-3071NRAKB/0.76 Turbos:

12709880017, 12709880016, 12709880050

OE Number:
04294676, 04294676KZ, 04294677, 04294677KZ, 04294738, 04294738KZ, 04294739, 04294739KZ, 04294740, 04294740KZ, 04294741, 04294741KZ, 04294742, 04294742KZ, 04294743, 04294743KZ, 04294744, 04294744KZ, 04294745, 04294745KZ, 04295703, 04295703KZ, 04298238, 04298238KZ, 04299384, 04299384KZ, 04299385, 04299385KZ, 20856791, 20904197, 21109241, 21498468, 3801105, 3801261, 3801532, 4294676, 4294676KZ, 4294677, 4294677KZ, 4294738, 4294738KZ, 4294739, 4294739KZ, 4294740, 4294740KZ, 4294741, 4294741KZ, 4294742, 4294742KZ, 4294743, 4294743KZ, 4294744, 4294744KZ, 4294745, 4294745KZ, 4295703, 4295703KZ, 4298238, 4298238KZ, 4299384, 4299384KZ, 4299385, 4299385KZ 9020856791, 9020904197, 9021109241, 9021498468, 903801105, 903801261, 903801532

Related Informations

At engine startup, keep engine RPM low for approximately one minute.

The reason is that the turbocharger is a supplemental device regardless of whether its factory installed or an aftermarket retrofit. This means that it’s likely to be the last subassembly in the engine system to receive lubricating oil, yet it’s rotating very quickly, even at idle. There’s no cause for alarm here, the turbo is designed to withstand startup. Just don’t let it go above idle. While many experts will say that 30 seconds is sufficient, the one minute allows for variations in cold weather operation where oil flow takes more time to reach its destination, as well as the oil lag created when the oil is changed or after extended periods of time between engine starts.

Also, it’s always a good idea not to juice the throttle very hard until the engine has reached full operating temperature. Oil lubricity is at its best at operating temperature. This isn’t just a good idea for the turbocharger’s sake, but your engine will love you for it too!

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