Cartridge KP39 54399880065 54399710089 BMW 335d M57D30TU2

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Newry Cartridge KP39 54399880065 54399710089 For BMW 335d (E90/E91/E92) Engine M57D30TU2

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Cartridge KP39 54399880065 54399710089 BMW 335d M57D30TU2





Part Number 54399880089
Previous Version 5439-988-0089, 54399880065, 54399710089, 5439 988 0089, 5439 971 0089, 5439 988 0065
OE number 11657802587, 7802587
Year 2085-09
Description 335d (E90/E91/E92), 535d (E60/E61), 635d (E63/E64), X3 3.0L sd (E83), BMW X5 3.0L sd (E70), 2008- BMW X6 35 dx (E71)
Manufacturer Part Number 54399700065, 5439-970-0065, 54399700089, 5439-970-0089, 5439 970 0065
CHRA 54397100530 (5439-710-0530)  
Turbo Model KP39-1873ECD310.12ACCXX, KP39-89
Bearing Housing (Oil Cooled)
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 32.3 mm, Exd. 38.5mm, 9 Blades)
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 33.6mm, Exd. 46.0 mm, 4+4 Blades, Superback)
Back plate (1800016071)  
Heat shield Number (2030016148)  
Repair Kit (5000040040)  
NOTE Intercooler; R2S


2006- BMW 335d (E90/E91/E92) Engine M57D30TU2

2007- BMW 535d (E60/E61) Engine M57D30TU2

2007- BMW 635d (E63/E64) Engine M57D30TU2

2006- BMW X3 3.0L sd (E83) Engine M57D30TU2

2007- BMW X5 3.0L sd (E70) Engine M57D30TU2

2008- BMW X6 35 dx (E71) Engine M57D30TU2

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