Cartridge T250-04 452055-0004 452055-0005 Land Rover GEMINI

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Newry Cartridge T250-04 452055-0004 452055-0005 For Land Rover Discovery, Defender with GEMINI III Engine

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Cartridge T250-04 452055-0004 452055-0005 Land Rover GEMINI


Part Number 443854-0110
Interchange number 443854-5110S
OE Number 1100025900, 1000010318
Turbo Model T250-04
Bearing Housing 435350-0006 (430350-0006)(Oil Cooled)(1900011137D)  
Turbine Wheel 435243-0001 (435243-0002, 435243-0004, 435243-0005, 435258-0005, 435259-0001, 435737-0001, 435737-0006, 443850-0001)(Ind. 47.11 mm, Exd. 35.48 mm, Trm 7.62, 11 Blades)(1100020015)  
Comp. Wheel 446335-0009 (446335-0007)(Ind. 38.15 mm, Exd. 53.64 mm, Trm 5.76, 5+5 Blades, Superback)(1100025400, 1200020038)  
Back plate 430735-0001 (432280-0001)(1100025300, 1800016012)  
Heat shield Number 445118-0001 (723421-0001)(2030016092)  


Land Rover 110, Land Rover 90, Various (1.8) DISCOVERY DEFENDER

Garrett T250-04 Turbos:
452055-0004, 452055-0005, 452055-0007, 452055-0008

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If these measurements check out okay, you’re ready to install the compressor cover. Make note of the cover orientation and reinstall the cover. The last step is to position the turbo on the bench and fill the oil inlet cavity with clean fresh oil. Allow this oil time to flow into the bearings. As you gently rotate the turbine shaft by hand, you’ll feel the clearances tighten up. This way you’ll know that there is lubricating oil in the oil passages.

Now you’re ready to reinstall your turbocharger. The last precaution is to make sure to use new oil inlet and drain gaskets. If your oil inlet uses a tapered pipe-type fitting DO NOT use Teflon tape. This has failed more turbos than an engineering burst cell! Teflon tape can cut off internally and plug the small hole in the thrust bearing and turbocharger failure will soon follow. If several days pass before you start the engine, it’s a good idea to make the oil inlet connection your last step of reassembly. Just before starting the engine, place more clean oil into the oil inlet cavity then connect the oil supply line. This will help avoid oil lag to the turbo at startup.

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