Turbocharger TD08H 49188-04230 49188-04210 Mitsubishi Truck D6121

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Newry Turbocharger TD08H 49188-04230 49188-04210 For Mitsubishi Truck D6121 Engine

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Turbocharger TD08H 49188-04230 49188-04210 Mitsubishi Truck D6121

• Guaranteed Exact Fit For Easy Installation
• 100% BRAND NEW Replacement Turbo, Premium ISO/TS 16949 Quality - Tested To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications
• Engineered For High Efficiency, Superior Durability, Low Defect
• Sample Order:1-3 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• Stock Order:3-7 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• OEM Order:15-30 Days After Receipt Of Down Payment.

Package Included:
• 1 X Turbocharger Kit
• 1 X Balancing Test Certificate

Model  TD08H-24M-18T
OE No.  49188-04230 49188-04210
Part No. 38AB004
Engine  D6121 


Mitsubishi Truck D6121 Engine  

Related Informations

Cleaning and Prep

To get started, clean some of your turbo parts in a hot water jet blast that uses a detergent. This should be done with the turbine housing, compressor cover, bearing housing, turbine back plate, and the compressor seal plate if your turbo model is made with one.

The turbine wheel and shaft and the compressor wheel can be hand cleaned carefully. Be sure not to lose your wheel indexing marks. The rest of the small parts can also be hand cleaned in a typical solvent type cleaner, and then dried with shop air.

Once all the parts have been thoroughly degreased, the end housings can be safely placed in the glass bead cabinet and cleaned. The bearing housing can be cleaned this way also, but care should be taken not to blast directly into the bearing bore areas. The turbine wheel can also be cleaned and especially the turbine end seal ring groove. Be sure to tape off the shaft surface to make sure that the glass bead does not come in contact with the shaft surface. This will make the shaft surface too rough and premature bearing failure will rapidly occur.

The compressor wheel can also be glass bead cleaned, but be sure to hold the nozzle of the blaster far away so that the aluminum in the compressor wheel is not eroded away. This is a particularly critical step where great care must be taken. After all parts have been through the blast cabinet, be sure to once again run them through the parts washer where hot water and detergent are used to remove all traces of abrasives.

At this point, inspect the bearing housing oil passages with a small inspection light. Sometimes it’s a good idea to use a small wire to probe from every direction to ensure that all oil passages are free of obstructions such as coke build-up or caked glass bead. This will also ensure that all of the dirt and foreign matter has been completely cleaned from the oil passages.


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