Turbocharger TD08H 49188-03000 49188-01286 Hyundai Truck

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Newry Turbocharger TD08H 49188-03000 49188-01286 For Hyundai Truck

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Turbocharger TD08H 49188-03000 49188-01286 Hyundai Truck

• Guaranteed Exact Fit For Easy Installation
• 100% BRAND NEW Replacement Turbo, Premium ISO/TS 16949 Quality - Tested To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications
• Engineered For High Efficiency, Superior Durability, Low Defect
• Sample Order:1-3 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• Stock Order:3-7 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• OEM Order:15-30 Days After Receipt Of Down Payment.

Package Included:
• 1 X Turbocharger Kit
• 1 X Balancing Test Certificate

Part Number 49188-03000
Previous Version 49188-01286
OE Number ME121570, 2820083801, 28200-83801
Description Truck
Turbo Model TD08H-27M-22
CHRA 49188-08720
Repair Kit 49188-80200 
Turbine Housing AR 22


Hyundai Truck

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Inspecting the Bearing Housing

The next step is to inspect the bearing housing bore diameters exactly where the turbine end and compressor end bearings ride. This will require the small bore telescoping gauges. Carefully rock the bore gauges back and forth to make sure you have an accurate reading, then use your tenths-reading micrometer to obtain the bearing housing bore size on both the compressor and turbine ends. Don’t be surprised if you find them to be slightly different. The turbine end runs quite a bit hotter and accelerated wear can be seen here. Compare these dimensions to your rebuild specs. If they’re in tolerance, you can proceed with final cleaning and prepare for reassembly.

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