Cartridge HT60 3536190 3803998 Cummins Various N14

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Newry Cartridge HT60 3536190 3803998 For Cummins Various with N14 Engine

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Cartridge HE200WG 3776282 3794988 Foton Cummins ISF 2.8L


Part Number 4027794
Interchange number 402779400, 402779400H, 4027794H
Turbo Model HT60, HT60-N0881A/X27K2
Turbine Wheel 3594953 (Ind. 97. mm, Exd. 81. mm, 12 Blades)  
Comp. Wheel 3527047 (Ind. 73.5 mm, Exd. 109. mm, 8+8 Blades)  


1996-98 Cummins Various with N14 Engine
Holset HT60 Turbos:
3591182, 3803998

Related Informations

Oil requirements depend on the turbos bearing system type. There are 2 types of bearing systems. Traditional journal bearing and ball bearing. The journal bearing system in a turbo functions very similar to the rod or crank in an engine. These bearings require enough oil pressure and volume to keep the components separated by a hydrodynamic film. If the oil pressure or volume is too low, the metal components will come in contact causing premature wear and result in turbocharger failure. If the oil pressure is too high, leakage may occur from the turbocharger seals. With that as background, an oil restrictor is generally not needed for a journal bearing turbo (except for those applications with oil pressure induced oil seal leakage). Remember it is vitally important to address ALL OTHER potential causes of leakage first (e.g. Inadequate/improper oil drain out of the turbo, excessive crankcase pressure, turbocharger damage/wear/excessive mileage or past its useful service life etc...) and use a restrictor as a LAST RESORT. Restrictor size will always depend on how much oil pressure your engine is generating. There is no single restrictor size suited for all applications. Ball bearing turbos can benefit from the addition of an oil restrictor as, most engines deliver more pressure than a ball bearing turbo requires. The benefit is seen in improved boost response due to less windage of oil in the bearing. Oil pressure entering a ball bearing turbocharger should be between 40psi and 45psi at the maximum engine operating speed. For many common passenger vehicles, this generally translates to a restrictor with a minimum of 0.040" (or 1.016mm) diameter orifice upstream of the oil inlet on the turbochargers centre section. Again, it is imperative that the restrictor be sized according to the pressure characteristics of the engine to which the turbo is installed. Always verify that the appropriate oil pressure is reaching the turbo.

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Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

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1. Every turbo is 100% new.
2. Twice dynamic balanced test
3. All the turbocharger will be warranty for one year (broke because of manufacture fault) In this case we will change a new send repair kit or new chra or new turbo to customer for free.

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