Cartridge HX35W 4038289 4039333 Cummins Truck QSB

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Newry Cartridge HX35W 4038289 4039333 For Cummins Truck with QSB Engine

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Cartridge HX35W 4038289 4039333 Cummins Truck QSB


Part Number 4030868
Interchange number 4027212, 3538421, 3575215
 Turbo Model HX35W-A77J70GM/A70Q86FE14PB-W, HX35W, HX35
Turbine Wheel 3519336 (Ind. 70.0 mm, Exd. 59.9 mm, 12 Blades) (1152301435)  
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 54 mm, Exd. 78. mm, 7+7 Blades)  


2004-12 Cummins Truck with QSB Engine
2004-12 Cummins Industrial Engine with QSB Engine

Holset HX35W Turbo:
4038209, 4038211, 4038287, 4038289, 4038597, 4038598, 4039332, 4039333, 4039632, 4041424, 4041425, 4041427, 4042667, 4042762, 4042763, 4043678, 4044098, 4044099, 4044103, 4044104, 4044324, 4044325, 4044890, 4045700
Holset HX35 Turbo:
2835695, 4037469, 4037470, 4038210, 4038288, 4045785, 4046281


On a used vehicle is there any action we can take to prolong the turbocharger life?
On imports just off the boat, look under the rocker cover. Usually there will be heavy build up of sludge. This is due to slow, cold running without regular lube oil changes. Do not to flush system (this will overload an already blocked filter causing the bypass to open and pass contaminants thru the whole system).

The best action is; as soon as able carry out a HOT oil and filter change, and again repeat the HOT oil and filter change within the first 500Km. Always use turbo-rated lube oil. For very contaminated engines this process may need to be repeated more than once.

Oil and oil filter changes in turbocharged vehicles should be carried out every 5000Km. Always check your air filter when you change your oil and replace it (or wash it, and re-oil it, if it is a washable type) if you are in any doubt.

How about the delivery time?
If there is inventory, arrange delivery within 3 days; if new orders, arrange delivery within 5-7 days.

How about the quality of this product?
We have obtained the TS16949 certificate and guarantee that each product will be shipped after 5-6 dynamic balance test and all parts checks. Strictly control the material.

What is the after-sales service?
We have a one-year warranty period and if have any problems during use, contact our staff and provide you with quality and satisfactory after-sales service.

Can you customize the product according to the model?
Yes, We have a professional R&D and production team, we can develop and produce the same material and size according to the samples you provide.

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