Cartridge GT4294 706844-0002 452281-0003 DAF XF95

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Newry Cartridge GT4294 706844-0002 452281-0003 For DAF XF95

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Cartridge GT4294 706844-0002 452281-0003 DAF XF95


Part Number 434251-0033
Interchange Part Number 434251-5033S, 434251-0031
OEM Number 1000010276
Turbo Model GT4294, GT4294S
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 82.5. mm, Exd. 70 mm, 10 Blades)
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 69 mm, Exd. 94 mm, 6+6 Blades, Superback) 


Garrett GT4294 Turbos:
706844-0001, 706844-0002
Garrett GT4294S Turbos:
452281-0002, 452281-0003
DAF: 1362357, 1779161

Related Informations

What is the role of the journal bearing on turbocharger?
The journal bearing system in a turbo functions very similarly to the rod or crank bearings in an engine. These bearings require enough oil pressure to keep the components separated by a hydrodynamic film. If the oil pressure is too low, the metal components will come in contact causing premature wear and ultimately failure. If the oil pressure is too high, leakage may occur from the turbocharger seals.

How does a Waste gate work?
A Wastegate is simply a turbine bypass valve. It works by diverting some portion of the exhaust gas around, instead of through, the turbine. This limits the amount of power that the turbine can deliver to the compressor, thereby limiting the turbo speed and boost level that the compressor provides.

Semantics: parts referred to with different names? E.g. back plate/seal plate/insert...?
Seal Plate is also known as a back plate or insert Turbine Wheel – Shaft and Wheel Compressor Wheel – Impeller Bearing Housing – Centre Housing CHRA – Core Assembly – Cartridge Nozzle Ring Assembly – VNT – VGT – VVT -VTG Compressor Housing – Compressor Cover Heat Shield – Heat Shroud Turbine Housing – Exhaust Housing

BV43 what makes it different?
BV43 is a VNT version of K03. BV50 is a VNT version of K04.

If I send in my turbocharger, how fast does it take to rebuild?
Turn over time is usually a day or two as long as all of the parts are in stock. We try to keep most parts in stock at all times.

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