Cartridge GT4294 738020-0002 762290-0001 Caterpillar Various

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Newry Cartridge GT4294 738020-0002 762290-0001 For Caterpillar Various

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Cartridge GT4294 738020-0002 762290-0001 Caterpillar Various


Part Number 712401-0001
Interchange Part Number 712401-0001, 712401-5001, 712401-5001S, 712401-9001, 712401-9001S, 7124010001, 7124015001, 7124015001S, 7124019001, 7124019001S, 451814-0005, 451814-5005, 451814-9005, 4518140005, 4518145005, 4518149005
OE Number 1506304, 150-6304, 0R7175, 0R7581, 137-8928, 1378928, 190-6222, 1906222
Turbo Model GT4288R, GT4294, GTA429402S, GT4294, GT4294S, GTA4294BS, GT4702, GTA429402BS
Turbine Wheel 715713-0001 (451724-0002)(Ind. 75. mm, Exd. 82.17 mm, 10 Blades)
Comp. Wheel 712340-0003 (451193-0005, 712340-0009, 712340-0010, 434354-0014) (Ind. 67.7 mm, Exd. 94. mm, 6+6 Blades, Superback) 


Caterpillar Various
Garrett GTA4294BS Turbos:
738020-0002, 762290-0001, 733555-0001, 733555-0002, 733553-0001, 733549-0001, 733549-0002, 730308-0001, 724390-0002, 724390-0003, 722181-0002, 716269-0001, 716269-0002, 716269-0003, 716269-0004, 716023-0002, 714508-0001, 714508-0002, 714508-0003, 714508-0004
Garrett GT4294 Turbos:
Garrett GTA4294B Turbo:

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I want to make x horsepower, which turbo kit should I get? Or which turbo is best?
Select a turbocharger to achieve desired performance. Performance includes boost response, peak power and total area under the power curve. Further decision factors will include the intended application. The best turbo kit dictated by how well it meets your needs. Kits that bolt on without any modification are best if you don't have fabrication capabilities.

Do you supply Cartridge (CHRA) for turbochargers?
Yes, Cartridge (CHRA) is our key product.

Could I purchase any turbo Spare parts and accessories in your factory?
Sure. We supply all turbo spare parts and accessories with very competitive price.

What is homologation?
Due to Homologation, once a design is approved by a vehicle manufacturer, the turbo OEM’s cannot deviate from this original approved design without seeking a revised approval, something the vehicle manufacturer will not test due to associated costs. We are not restricted by homologation and where possible incorporates improvements in the original design and uses upgraded parts.

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