Cartridge K27 53279886447 53279886442 Mercedes Truck

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Newry Cartridge K27 53279886447 53279886442 For Tata Truck, Industrial Engine, Ashok Leyland Truck, Mercedes Truck, Unimog

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Cartridge K27 53279886447 53279886442 Mercedes Truck


Part Number 53277100075
Interchange number 5327-710-0075, 5327 710 0075
OE Number 1000030120
Turbo Model K27-2964MXA/12.22, K27-2964MXA/15.22
Turbine Wheel 53271205075 (53271205093, 53271202121, 53271202126, 53277105006, 53271202111, 53271205011, 53271205012, 53271205079, 53271205080) (Ind. 70. mm, Exd. 62.5 mm, 12 Blades)(1301027437)  
Comp. Wheel 53271232037 (53271232226) (Ind. 47.39 mm, Exd. 73.88 mm, 7+7 Blades, Superback)  


Tata Truck, Industrial Engine, Ashok Leyland Truck, Mercedes Truck, Unimog

Borg Warner K27-2964MXA/12.22 Turbos:
53279886447, 53279886448, 53279886453

Borg Warner K27-2964MXA/15.22 Turbos:
53279886442, 53279887043

Related Informations

The LU-S1600 CNC 4-axis turning center provides maximum productivity in a compact footprint. The twin-turret design is highly suited for small-diameter shaft work, such as automobile cam shafts, drive shafts, balance shafts, and electrical component motor shafts. In addition, Okuma's thermo-Friendly Concept ensures superb dimensional accuracy during ambient temperature changes and machine stops, requiring less compensation work for greater productivity.

Can I change/upgrade my existing turbo?
Maybe. All turbos operate on the same basic principles, however very few turbos are directly interchangeable due to their different physical characteristics. Changing a turbo will usually require replacement of more than just the turbo, and may require fabrication of new parts. A radically different turbo may also impact on other factors such as fuel/ignition maps, suitability of the intercooler, and so on.

Can I modify my existing turbo?
Turbos can often be upgraded to different specifications of the same basic turbo (for example by fitting a larger compressor wheel). This is very much dependant on which turbo your vehicle has to start with, and whether there are different options available for it. In some circumstances parts from different types of turbo can be made to fit – again there may be compromises to nearly any upgrade.

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