Newry Rotor Assembly S410G 14879880032 A0090961199 For Mercedes-Benz AXOR 2

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Compressor Wheel Material: C355 CASTING ALUMINUM

Turbine Wheel Material: K418

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Newry Rotor Assembly S410G 14879880032 A0090961199

Part Number

14879700015, 14879880032, 14879900032

OE Number

0090961199, 0090969299, 009096929980, A0090961199, A0100965099

Turbo Model


Turbine Wheel

(Ind.71mm, Exd. 86.2 mm, 11 Blades)

Comp. Wheel

(Ind.64.5 mm, Exd. 97 mm, 7+7 Blades)


2004-2021 Mercedes-Benz AXOR 2

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How should I set up my turbo's oil drain?

The turbo oil drain should be unrestricted and free flowing. We recommend NOT to use 90-degree fittings as they can cause restrictions and/or a back-up of oil flow.

Do NOT use any silicone on the paper gasket when installing the oil drain flange. Turbochargers and silicone do NOT go well together! Make sure both surfaces are clean, dry, and use just the paper gasket provided.

We also recommend that nothing smaller than a 5/8” or -10 AN drain line be used.

When draining the oil back into the oil pan, try and get it to return above the oil level in the oil pan. This allows the oil to flow freely and to drain back into the engine without the restriction of the oil sitting in the pan.

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