Actuator K27 53279707120 9060964699 Mercedes Benz OM906LA

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Newry Actuator K27 53279707120 9060964699 For Mercedes Benz CD Truck OM906LA With OM906LAE4 Engine

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Turbo Model:K27

Fit for Turbo Part Numbers

KKK: 53279707120,53279887120,53279707201,53279887201

Fit for OEM Numbers

MERCEDES-BENZ: 9060964699, A9060964699, 9060969299, A9060969299

Fit for Applications

Mercedes Benz CD Truck OM906LA with OM906LAE4 Engine 2005-12
Mercedes Benz SL 600 (W220) Engine M275-LARK 2005-
Mercedes Benz Truck Atego, Unimog with OM906LA-E3 Engine 2001-09

In a turbocharger, the actuator is one of the most important parts and controls the flow of exhaust gases through the turbo. When this part fails, the internal components can become stuck and it may affect the performance of the turbocharger. Over time, a damaged turbocharger actuator will cause irreversible damage to the entire turbo, leading to a full replacement of the part.

At Newry turbo, you’ll find a wide variety of turbocharger actuators for sale. Contact us today to speak to a specialist about the right turbo actuator replacement options for your vehicle.


Q1.Turbocharger bearing damage. What are the reasons?
A: Insufficient oil pressure and flow. Turbocharger oil supply shortage journal and thrust bearings;

Q2.Turbochargers how to deal with metal rubbing sound?
A: Phenomenon: the exhaust black smoke, power down and there is abnormal sound supercharger.

Q3.How to deal with the turbocharger oil spill?
A: Phenomenon: the oil consumed in large quantities, but normal exhaust smoke color, power is not reduced.

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