Cartridge GT1549 793829-0003 AH4Q6K682FD Land Rover

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Newry Cartridge GT1549 793829-0003 AH4Q6K682FD For Land Rover Range Rover III (LM_) 4.4 D 4×4

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Cartridge GT1549 793829-0003 AH4Q6K682FD Land Rover


Part Number 793829-5003S
Previous Version 793829-3,793829-0003,793829-2,793829-0002,793829-5002S,793829-0001, 793829-1, 793829-5001S
OE Number AH4Q6K682FC, AH4Q-6K682-FC, AH4Q6K682FB, AH4Q-6K682-FB, AH4Q6K682FD
Year 2007-2017
OEM LR0499588 LR031500 LR044563 LR027187 LR022791
Turbo Model GT1549 GT1549VTC
Engine 448DT 4.4 TD V8  Euro 5 (D5)
Displacement 4.4L 4367 ccm
KW 250
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 41.94 mm, Exd. 35.6 mm, 12 Blades)
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 33. mm, Exd. 49. mm, 6+6 Blades, Superback)


2007-Land Rover Range Rover III (LM_) 4.4 D 4x4

2008-Land Rover Range Rover IV (LG_) 4.4 D V8 4x4 08.12 - 250KW 340ps 4367ccm

2010-Land Rover Range Rover Sport (LW_) 4.4 D 4x4 10.13 - 250KW 340ps 4367ccm 


What is the difference between twin feed and single feed bearing housings?
Twin feed bearing housing incorporate two oil feeds to the journal bearing and use a twin grooved journal bearing/ Single feeds bearing housings have just one oil feed and use a single oil hole journal bearing.

Turbochargers how to deal with metal rubbing sound?
Phenomenon: the exhaust black smoke, power down and there is abnormal sound supercharger.

How to deal with the turbocharger oil spill?
Phenomenon: the oil consumed in large quantities, but normal exhaust smoke color, power is not reduced.

Should I run a Turbo Timer?
A turbo timer enables the engine to run at idle for a specified time after the ignition has been turned off. The purpose is to allow the turbo to cool down thus avoiding "coking" ("coking" is burned oil that deposits on surfaces and can lead to blocked passages). The need for a turbo timer depends on how hard the turbo and engine is used. Running at full speed and full load then immediately shutting down (heat soak) can be extremely hard on a turbo. Water-cooling of the turbocharger's center housing has essentially eliminated the need for turbo timers or extended idling periods.

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