Cartridge GT4288N 452174-0010 11033937 VOLVO FL10

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Newry Cartridge GT4288N 452174-0010 11033937 For VOLVO FL10, D10A320 Bus, L150C Wheel Loader, D10A Truck, FM10, TD102 Various

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Cartridge GT4288N 452174-0010 11033937 VOLVO FL10


Part Number 434251-0014
Interchange Part Number 434251-5014S
OE Number 100420001
Turbo Model GT4288N
Turbine Wheel 436259-0001 (Ind. 82. mm, Exd. 68.1 mm, Trm 69, 11 Blades)(101100001)  
Comp. Wheel 434354-0006 (434354-0008)(Ind. 63.45 mm, Exd. 87.00 mm, Trm 9.8, 6+6 Blades, Superback)(102400003)  


VOLVO FL10, D10A320 Bus, L150C Wheel Loader, D10A Truck, FM10, TD102 Various
Garrett GT4288 Turbos:
452174-0001, 452174-0002, X452174-0003, 452174-0004, 452174-0005, 452174-0007, 452174-0010
VOLVO: 11033937

Related Informations

Should my turbo/exhaust manifold glow red after driving?
Yes, the turbo/exhaust manifold can glow red under certain driving conditions. The exhaust gas temperature can reach over 1600F under high load operating conditions; i.e. towing, extended uphill driving, or extended high rpm/boost conditions.

How do I adjust my compression ratio?
The easiest and most effective way to accomplish this is through the use of either higher/lower compression pistons, and/or using a head gasket of a different thickness. 

I want to make x horsepower, which turbo kit should I get? Or which turbo is best?
Select a turbocharger to achieve desired performance. Performance includes boost response, peak power and total area under the power curve. Further decision factors will include the intended application. The best turbo kit dictated by how well it meets your needs. Kits that bolt on without any modification are best if you don't have fabrication capabilities.

What is the difference and reason behind 360 and 180 degree thrust bearing?
The original BV35, BV39, KP35 & KP39 thrust bearing was the 3 pad, 180 degree design, due to the open thrust pad area oil retention was an issue.
In newer OE turbo applications, the 180 degree design has now been phased out and replaced with the 360 degree design, this has resulted in better oil pressure and lubrication.

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