Cartridge GT22 736210-0006 JMC Truck JX493

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Newry Cartridge GT22 736210-0006 For JMC Truck With Engine JX493

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Cartridge GT22 736210-0006 JMC Truck JX493


Part Number 736210-5006,736210-0006
Previous versions 7362105006,7362100006
OE NO. 1118300TAR,1118300SBJ 
Turbo Model GT22
Application JMC
Engine JX493
Fuel Diesel
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 42.68 mm, Exd. 50.3. mm, 9 Blades)
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 41.46 mm, Exd. 56 mm, 6+6 Blades, Superback) 


JMC Truck With Engine JX493 


What is a MFS Compressor Wheel?
Machined from solid compressor wheels are becoming increasingly popular as these new developments from the OE’s continue to arrive in the aftermarket. The wheels are fully machined and balanced on leading 5-axis machining equipment and precision balanced on fully automated balancing stations with auto-correction.

How about delivery time?
-Sample order:1-3 daysafter receipt of payment.
-Stock order:3-7 daysafter receipt of payment.
-OEM order:15-30 daysafter receipt of down payment.

After-Sales Service
1. One year warranty
2. Register a claim in case you find any defective accessories which are under warranty,we will process the claim and send you new items for replacement in the next order,asan experienced manufacturer, you can rest assured of the quality and after-sales service.

What are Common Causes of Turbocharger Failure?
● Contaminated oil
● Dirty oil
● Lack of lubrication
● Low oil pressure
● Kinks in the oil inlet lines
● Clogs in the oil inlet line
● Plugged air cleaners
● Collapsing hose connections
● Undersized air pipes
● Prolonged engine idling
● Over-fueling
● Hot engine shut-down
● Improperly installed gaskets
● Nuts & washers dropped into exhaust system

What is the difference between water cooled and air cooled bearing housings?
Air Cooled: Ambient air and oil act as a cooling mechanism. Water Cooled: High temperature applications need extra cooling to perform efficiently – more commonly used in gasoline applications.

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