Cartridge T04B18 409570-0019 408105-0216 Navistar DT466

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Newry Cartridge T04B18 409570-0019 408105-0216 For Navistar, Int Harvester TD15C Crawler Engine DT466

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Cartridge T04B18 409570-0019 408105-0216 Navistar DT466


Part Number 408105-0216
Interchange Part Number 408105-5216S 408105-0157, 408105-0113, 408105-0049
Interchangeable AR69368, 3545851B, 310284, 310301, 3545861, 3545861C, 735271C91, 1806150C91, 1806150C92, 1000010153
Turbo Model T04B18
Bearing Housing 430027-0051 (193731, 186880, 186882)  
Turbine Wheel 446905-0005 (158396)(Ind. 74. mm, Exd. 64.6 mm, 11 Blades)  
Comp. Wheel 410514-0023 (310741, 409179-0023)(14226-Z9000, 4062087, 5149629, 684247C1, A45016, D8NN-6N662-BA, R57753)(Ind. 51.65 mm, Exd. 70.6 mm, Trm 54, 8+8 Blades)  
Back plate 408045-0034 (197652, 311708, 408045-0035, 408045-0051)(1100040360)  
Heat shield Number 409299-0001 (311943, 7N0012, 3524773B, 409299-0000)  


Navistar, Int Harvester Dresser Various

Garrett T04B18 Turbos:

409570-0016, 409570-0017, 409570-0018, 409570-0019

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Now position the bearing housing in the turbine housing according to your indexing marks and secure it with either its bolts or V-band clamp. Once this is secure you can torque the compressor wheel nut, taking care that the wheels don’t lose their positioning relative to each other. With your socket in place on the turbine end, use the inch pound torque wrench and carefully torque the compressor nut. The proper way to torque the nut is to use one hand to pull the wrench in a direction exactly perpendicular to the shaft while using the other hand to support the socket and turbine shaft from uneven pressure that could bend the shaft. Torque the shaft to the specs for your model of turbo. Note that some specs will specify a torque amount that is to be followed by an additional turn of so many degrees or parts of a turn.

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