Cartridge JK55 55X8002-02-1 1118010FA160 JAC 4DA1

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Newry Cartridge JK55 55X8002-02-1 1118010FA160 For JAC with 4DA1Engine

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Cartridge HE200WG 3776282 3794988 Foton Cummins ISF 2.8L


Part Number 1118010FA160
Previous Version JK55X8002-02-1
OE number 55X8002-02-1
Turbo Model JK55
Engine 4DA1
Fuel Diesel



Related Informations

Steps to proper turbo installation
Start the turbo installation by removing old gasket material from the exhaust manifold and pipe. The surfaces of the flange must be clean and have no damage.
Remove all plastic or foam blanking plugs from the turbo.
Position the turbo onto manifold or engine block using the correct new gasket or O ring, and then reconnect the exhaust pipe.
Tighten all nuts and bolts to the correct torque.
Pay special attention to oil feed and drain lines, which must be totally clean and have no damage to ensure unrestricted oil flow.
Make sure that no flexible hose liners have collapsed internally and that oil feed line is not too close to any source of heat which may have damaged the oil feed line internally. This is common on some vehicles and difficult to detect without cutting the pipe! We recommend fitting a new oil inlet pipe when installing the new turbo.
Install oil drain line to the turbocharger, then pour new engine oil into the oil inlet hole of the turbocharger and fit the oil feed line. Spin the compressor wheel by hand a few times – it should spin freely. Note that it is normal to feel some up and down movement of the wheels. Install inlet and outlet air hoses to turbocharger compressor housing and make sure that the connection is airtight.

What about the delivery time?
If we have stock, we can send you the goods within 3 working days, if we don't have stock; generally it needs 10 to 40 days.

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