Cartridge HX50W 3597546 3597547 Iveco 8460.41.406

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Newry Cartridge HX40 4046100 4039140 For Cummins Industrial QSL Engine

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Cartridge HX50W 3597546 3597547 Iveco 8460.41.406


Part Number 4027473
Turbo Model HX50, HX50W
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 72. mm, Exd. 86. mm, 12 Blades)  
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 63 mm, Exd. 99 mm, 7+7 Blades, Superback) 


Holset HX50 Turbo:
Holset HX50W Turbos:
3597544, 3597545, 3597546, 3597547

Related Informations

Why is my turbo noisy? It has a horrible screeching noise coming form it when I accelerate.
Turbochargers are often blamed for being noisy when in fact it can often be an exhaust gasket vibrating between 2 faces. The multi-layer steel shim type gaskets can, when a flange warps or becomes loose, vibrate between the clamped surfaces causing a screeching noise. This can be hard to diagnose, but will normally start abruptly under acceleration as the turbo boost pressure increases. As the boost increases so does the exhaust manifold pressure stressing the gaskets? If a manifold is warped or has a loose bolt/stud the pressure forces its way past the gasket causing it to vibrate. The biggest differences between a turbo whistle and a leaking gasket are: 1/ the noise starts abruptly if it’s a gasket or if it’s a turbo it will ramp up as the turbo spools up. 2/ If it’s a gasket leak it will most likely have a "buzz" to it where as a turbo will most likely have a smooth whistle. 3/ the exhaust gas leak noise is engine speed dependent and affected where the turbo whistle will change tune and pitch with load changes (even if the engine speed remains constant).

Why do we cooperate with other well-known factories of auto parts?
Because there are many kinds of turbochargers and parts of turbo, it is very difficult for us to produce all kinds, however, our company would like to try our best to provide superior products and service, thus cooperating with other well-known factories of auto parts is a good choice for us to ensure sustainable development and satisfy various needs of customers.

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