Turbocharger K03 53039880212 CB5E6K682AB Ford Focus SCTi

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Newry Turbocharger K03 53039880212 CB5E6K682AB For Ford Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, S-max, Explorer With SCTi, EcoBoost Engine

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Turbocharger K03 53039880212 CB5E6K682AB Ford Focus SCTi

• Guaranteed Exact Fit For Easy Installation
• 100% BRAND NEW Replacement Turbo, Premium ISO/TS 16949 Quality - Tested To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications
• Engineered For High Efficiency, Superior Durability, Low Defect
• Sample Order:1-3 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• Stock Order:3-7 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• OEM Order:15-30 Days After Receipt Of Down Payment.

Package Included:
• 1 X Turbocharger Kit
• 1 X Balancing Test Certificate

Part Number 53039880212
Previous Version 5303-988-0270, 5303 988 0270, 53039880293, 53039880308, 53039880366, 53039880418, 53039880444, 53039880269, 53039880270, 5303-998-0270, 5303-998-0314, 5303-998-0600
OE Number CB5E-6K682-AB, CB5E-6K682-AC, CB5E-6K682-AD, CB5E6K682AB, CB5E6K682AC, CB5E6K682AD, CB5Z-6K682-A, CB5Z-6K682-E, CB5Z-6K682-H, CB5Z6K682A, CB5Z6K682E, CB5Z6K682H
Year 2003-15
Description Ford Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, S-max, Explorer, Edge, Lincoln MKZ
Manufacturer Part Number 53039700270, 5303-970-0212, 5303-970-0270, 5303-970-0314, 5303-970-0600, 53039700212, 53039700270, 53039700314, 53039700600
Turbo Model K03-2080DCB5.88CCAXX, K03
CHRA 53037100565 (5303-710-0565)(1302003940, 1000030248) 
Engine Manufacturer Ford
Engine EcoBoost, SCTi
Displacement 2.0L, 2000 ccm, 4 Cylinders
KW 177/203
RPM Max 5000
Fuel Gasoline
Angle α (compressor housing)
Angle β (turbine housing)
Bearing Housing 53031504505 (Water Cooled)(1302003461, 1900011235I)  
Turbine Wheel 53031208514 (53031208515)(Ind. 44.95 mm, Exd. 40.23 mm, Trm 7.62, 9 Blades)(1302003447, 1100016434)  
Comp. Wheel 53041232241 (53041232223)(Ind. 62.65 mm, Exd. 94.88 mm, 7+7 Blades)(1302003416, 1200016319)  
Back plate, Seal plate 53041505709 (53041505701)(1302003305, 1300016042)  
Heat shield Number 53031652009 (53031652015, 53031652021, 53031652022)(1302003343, 2030016037)  
Repair Kit 53037110000 (Major)(Single Feed)(Inc. Thrust Parts)(1302003754, 5000040005)  
Note Inter-cooler, Water Cooled


2003-15 Ford Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, S-max, Explorer With SCTi, EcoBoost Engine

Related Informations

Using a set of inside micrometers, measure the bearing housing pilot in the turbine housing taking two readings 90 degrees from each other. This dimension was perfectly round at the time of original manufacture. However, the turbine housing can warp and shift after extended use. What you’re looking for is how egg shaped the pilot has become. If a set of inside micrometers is not available, this can also be done using a large set of calipers. Simply find the smallest diameter point in the pilot, then use a wire-type feeler gauge to measure the gap found where the diameter is the greatest. As a general rule, you should not reuse the turbine housing if it’s egg shaped by more than approximately 0.005 inch. This is a critical measurement for two reasons. First, that area is a seal area where hot exhaust gasses under pressure are sealed to stay inside the turbine housing. Any leakages in this area will not only cause very hot and dangerous exhaust gas from leaking into the engine bay, but also it will cause a loss of turbine energy to efficiently drive the turbo. The other issue at stake here is that an extreme shift seen at this point can indicate you have a very high heat application. Further casting shift can occur and cause turbocharger failure if the turbine housing moves enough to cause housing-to-wheel contact on your new replacement cartridge.

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