Turbocharging does not need to be cleaned, and it is not careful

As the requirements for automobile exhaust emissions become more and more stringent, cars have become polarized, and some of them are developing in the direction of new energy, and electric and hybrid vehicles have emerged; The other part is developing towards small displacement, but small displacement means poor power, so install a turbocharger on the engine to achieve small displacement and large power.


Now most fuel vehicles are installed with turbochargers, a netizen and my private message, said that the new car has just been bought for less than 2 years, go to the 4S shop maintenance, 4S shop requires to do a turbo increase cleaning, the staff said that after a period of use of turbocharging, there will be a lot of dirt on the turbine, as well as carbon deposits, which will affect the normal operation of the turbocharger, thereby reducing engine power, and even shortening the service life of the turbocharger, so it is necessary to clean the turbocharger regularly, After cleaning, it can improve the efficiency of the turbocharger, thereby increasing the engine power, and can also effectively extend the service life of the engine and the turbocharger. So does turbo cleaning need to be done, or under what circumstances can it be done?

To clarify this problem, we first look at the working principle of turbo increase, in fact, the principle of turbine increase is very simple, that is, the use of the exhaust gas generated by engine combustion, through the structure composed of two coaxial turbines, thereby increasing the gas entering the combustion chamber of the engine, thereby improving combustion efficiency. The power of engines of the same displacement, turbocharged engines and self-priming engines can be said to be far apart.

The turbocharger works at a very fast speed, at high speed is basically impossible to store too many impurities, just like our fan, there is basically no dust on it when used in summer, when put in the storage room in winter, the dust above increases significantly, the reason why the impeller inside the turbocharger has some pimples, because the air filter element filters the air is not very clean, thus causing the turbocharger to hit the impeller caused, rather than cleaning the turbocharger, it is better to replace a better air filter.

Moreover, the turbo increase in the working temperature is very high generally can reach 800-1000 degrees, so the car equipped with turbo increase at night to see the turbocharger are red, the temperature is very high, and cooling for a while and a half cannot be cooled to normal temperature, if at this time with liquid to clean the turbocharger, then thermal expansion and contraction, but very easy to damage the turbocharger.


Therefore, cleaning the turbocharger is very unnecessary, as long as we usually drive normally, maintain on time, and replace the air filter in time, the turbocharger is not so easy to damage. Turbocharged cars are best to use fully synthetic oil, because fully synthetic oil has better high temperature resistance and can better protect the turbocharger, in addition, after long-distance high-speed driving, if the vehicle cannot delay the electronic fan work, then it is best to idle in place for a minute or two, so that the turbo cools down, and then turns off and stops.

Finally, I would like to advise 4S shops and auto repair shops not to deceive our customers into doing some unnecessary maintenance for some benefit, and some even threaten customers that if they do not do these items, they may seriously damage the vehicle. As consumers, we must keep our eyes open, do not do some unnecessary maintenance items, read the maintenance manual of our vehicles, and maintain according to the maintenance manual, there is no problem. Usually, we should learn more about using cars, which will not only save us money, but also protect our cars. Because there is a saying in the industry that “the car is not broken, but repaired”. If our car has no symptoms, it is best not to do some cleaning items such as throttle cleaning, engine combustion chamber cleaning, turbo cleaning, etc.

Post time: 28-12-22