Cartridge S200 319212 319278 Deutz BF4M1013C

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Newry Cartridge S200 319212 319278 For Deutz (K.H.D.) Industrial Generator with BF4M1013C Engine

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Cartridge S200 319212 319278 Deutz BF4M1013C


Part Number 319279
OE Number 300200003
Turbo Model S200, S200-64H12ALWM/0.76WJ2
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 50.7 mm, Exd. 58 mm, 10 Blades)
Comp. Wheel 318077 (Ind. 42.77 mm, Exd. 63.55 mm, 7+7 Blades)(302040001)


Deutz (K.H.D.) Industrial Generator

Borg Warner S200 Turbos:

319212, 319278

OE number:
04259311, 04259311KZ, 4259311KZ, 24426737

Related Informations

What care does a turbocharger need?
Oil lubrication is the be-all and end-all of a turbocharger. After starting the engine, it takes about 30 seconds for the oil to be evenly distributed and for the compressor to be optimally lubricated, so you should avoid high speed ranges during this time. The situation is similar when switching off the engine: If you were driving at high speed, you should let the engine run for about 20 seconds at low speed, as the turbo continues to work. Adequate lubrication is only guaranteed when the engine is running. It should also be noted that only the oil specified by the manufacturer should be used.

Which defects can occur with the turbocharger?
Most turbocharger defects are the result of insufficient lubrication. There is a risk that the compressor or turbine wheel will rub against the housing and thus also affect the motor. Further dangers arise from contaminated oil or foreign bodies from a defective air filter. This can damage the turbine and compressor wheels and ultimately damage the turbocharger bearings. In general, it is best to switch off the engine immediately in the event of unusual noises, oil leaks or vibrations in the turbocharger, as otherwise there is a risk of engine damage.

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