Cartridge BV43 53039700168 1118100-ED01A Great Wall 4D20

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Newry Cartridge BV43 53039700168 1118100-ED01A  For Great Wall Hover 2.0T H5 4D20 2.0L

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Cartridge BV43 53039700168 1118100-ED01A Great Wall 4D20


Part Number 53039700168
Previous Version 53039880168
OE Number 1118100-ED01A 1118100ED01A
Year 2003-05
Description Great Wall Hover H5 4D20 2.0T
Turbo Model BV43,K03-0168
Engine 4D20
Displacement 2.0L


Great Wall Hover 2.0T H5 4D20 2.0L 


High-Performance Turbocharger Replacement Parts
After enough time and regular use, the day will come where you’ll need to look for a turbocharger replacement. Whether it’s a large component such as an actuator, or a small part such as a solenoid valve, NEWRY Turbos has you covered. We’ have the turbocharger replacement parts you need to get your vehicle up and running again. All our parts are exact, direct fit turbocharger parts so be sure to find the correct part number for your vehicle.

How much boost can I run on pump gas?
The primary limitation to maximum boost is engine knock. It is also not advisable to run the maximum amount of boost your car can handle on a daily driven basis as a precaution against if the boost spikes.

Which boost controller should I get? (Manual or Electronic)
Boost controllers vary widely in performance, price, and functionality. For a comprehensive breakdown of some of the more popular options, see the July 2002 issue of Sport Compact Car Magazine.

What’s the test equipments do you use in your factory?
Dynamic Balance machine of assembly, Balance machine of compress wheel, Balance machine of turbine shaft, Vacuum actuator test bench, VNT Calibrator flow bench,Video Measuring System,Image measuring instrument, CMM(three-coordinate measuring machine), etc.

What kind of processing equipments are available in your factory?
CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, 5-Axis Machining Center…

Can you produce according to the samples?
Yes, we can produce as per samples or technical drawings.

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