How to use the turbocharger correctly?

Do you feel that the power of the car is not as strong as before, the fuel consumption has increased, the exhaust pipe still emits black smoke from time to time, the engine oil leaks inexplicably, and the engine makes abnormal noise? If your car has the above abnormal phenomena, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by incorrect use of the turbocharger. Next, I will teach you three tricks to easily master the skills of using the turbocharger.
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After starting the vehicle, idle for 3 to 5 minutes

After the diesel vehicle is started, the turbocharger starts to run, first idle for 3 to 5 minutes, then accelerate slowly, do not accelerate the accelerator, wait until the temperature of the engine oil rises and the turbocharger is fully lubricated, and then increase the speed to work with load.

Avoid prolonged idling 

Long time idling operation will increase fuel consumption, supercharger will be poorly lubricated due to low lubricating oil pressure, too long idling time, low positive pressure on the exhaust side, unbalanced pressure on both sides of the turbine end seal ring, and oil leakage When it comes to the turbine shell, sometimes a small amount of engine oil will be burned, so the idling time should not be too long.

Avoid sudden shutdown at high temperature and high speed

In order to avoid the interruption of the lubricating oil, the supercharger shaft and the shaft sleeve will be seized. If it stops suddenly at full speed, the high-temperature impeller and turbine casing will also transfer heat to the rotor shaft, and the temperature of the floating bearing and sealing ring will be as high as 200-300 degrees. If there is no oil for lubrication and cooling, it is enough for the rotor shaft to change color and turn blue. Once the machine is shut down, the lubricating oil of the turbocharger will also stop flowing. If the temperature of the exhaust pipe is very high, the heat will be transferred to the supercharger housing, and the lubricating oil staying there will be boiled into carbon deposits. When the carbon deposits increase, the oil inlet will be blocked, causing the shaft sleeve to lack oil. , accelerate the wear of the shaft and the sleeve, and even cause serious consequences of seizure. Therefore, before the diesel engine stops, the load must be gradually reduced, and the engine must be idled for 3 to 5 minutes, and then turned off after the standby temperature drops. In addition, the air filter must be replaced regularly.
How to use the turbocharger co2

Post time: 30-05-23