Driven By The Development Of The Automotive Industry, The Turbocharger Market Continues To Expand

The turbocharger uses the high temperature gas discharged from the cylinder after combustion to drive the turbine cylinder impeller to rotate, and the compressor at the other end is driven by the bearing of the middle shell to rotate the impeller at the other end of the compressor, bringing fresh air into the cylinder, thereby achieving the effect of improving the heating efficiency of the engine device of. At present, turbocharging can increase the thermal efficiency of the engine by 15%-40%, but with the continuous innovation of turbocharger technology, the turbocharger can help the engine to increase the thermal efficiency by more than 45%.


The core components upstream of the turbocharger are the turbine shell and the middle shell. The middle shell occupies about 10% of the total cost of the turbocharger, and the turbine shell occupies about 30% of the total cost of the turbocharger. The middle shell is a turbocharger that connects the turbine shell and the compressor shell. Since the turbine shell needs to be connected to the exhaust pipe of the automobile, the material requirements are relatively high, and the technical threshold in this field is relatively high. Generally speaking, turbine shells and intermediate shells are technology-intensive industries.

According to the "China Turbocharger Industry Market Supply and Demand Status Quo and Development Trend Forecast Report 2021-2025" released by the New Sijie Industry Research Center , the market demand for turbochargers mainly comes from automobiles. In recent years, China's automobile production and sales have grown steadily.  It is estimated that by 2025, the number of new cars in China will reach 30 million, and the market penetration rate of turbochargers may reach about 89%. In the future, with the growth of production and demand of hybrid electric vehicles and hybrid plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the demand for turbochargers will grow strongly. Calculated according to the number of new cars and the penetration rate of turbochargers, the market size of my country's turbine shells and intermediate shells will reach 27 million units in 2025.

The replacement period of the turbine shell and the middle shell is about 6 years. With the innovation of engine technology, performance improvement, and the product innovation of automobile manufacturers, the replacement demand of the turbine shell and the middle shell is also increasing. Turbine shells and intermediate shells belong to auto parts. The screening process from production to application usually takes about 3 years, which takes a long time and causes higher costs. Therefore, automobiles and complete equipment are easier to develop and have strong production technology capabilities. Enterprises maintain long-term cooperation, so the barriers to entry in this field are relatively high.

In terms of market competition, my country's turbocharger manufacturers are mostly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta. At present, the global turbocharger market is highly concentrated, mainly occupied by the four major companies of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Garrett, BorgWarner, and IHI. Turbine shell and intermediate shell production companies mainly include Kehua Holdings, Jiangyin Machinery, Lihu Co., Ltd. and other companies.

Xinsijie industry analysts said that turbochargers are important parts of automobiles. With the continuous growth of automobile production and demand, the market scale of turbochargers continues to expand, and the industry has a better prospect for development. In terms of production, the turbocharger market has a high degree of concentration and the leading pattern is prominent, while the market concentration of its upstream parts, turbine shells and intermediate shells is relatively low, and there are greater development opportunities.

Post time: 20-04-21