Newry Cartridge B03 18539880001 18539710004 For BMW 740i, 740iX, 640i, 535i, 535Li with N55 Engine

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Newry High Performance Turbocharger GT30

Compressor Housing   A/R.70
Compressor Wheel(in/out) Ф61.4-Ф82
Turbine Housing A/R.63
Turbine Wheel(out/in) Ф56-Ф65.2
Cooled Water&Oil cooled/Oil cooled only
Bearing Journal bearing
Thrust bearing 360°
Actuator External   
Inlet   T3 flange

Newry Turbos is proud to offer a wide selection of OEM turbochargers for sale to our valued customers. A turbocharger is an important piece of machinery and brings improved performance and efficiency to your vehicle’s engine. A turbo takes air and channels it into the engine’s combustion chamber to greatly increase raw engine performance. These parts will simultaneously decrease engine emissions at the same time it is increasing power output.

Whether you’re replacing your vehicle’s turbo or are upgrading, Newry Turbos will have what you need. Contact us to speak to an expert if you don’t see the part you’re looking for.


 Q1. What is causing my turbo to sound like a sewing machine's whistle?
A: The "sewing machine whistle" is a distinct cyclic noise cause by unstable compressor operating conditions known as compressor surge. This aerodynamic instability is the most noticeable during a rapid lift of the throttle, following operation at full boost.

 Q2. What is/causes Shaft Play? 
A: Shaft play is caused by the bearings in the center section of the turbo wearing out over time. When a bearing is worn, shaft play, a side to side wiggling motion of the shaft occurs. This in turn causes the shaft to scrape against the inside of the turbo and often produces a high-pitched whine or whizzing noise. This is a potentially serious condition that can lead to internal damage or complete failure of the turbine wheel or the turbo itself

Q3. How should I break-in a turbo?
A: A properly assembled and balanced turbo requires no specific break-in procedure. However, for new installations a close inspection is recommended to insure proper installation and function. Common problems are generally associated with leaks (oil, water, inlet or exhaust).

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