High Performance Turbocharger TD06-20G

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Newry High Performance Turbocharger TD06-20G

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High Performance Turbocharger TD06-20G

• Guaranteed Exact Fit For Easy Installation
• 100% BRAND NEW Replacement Turbo, Premium ISO/TS 16949 Quality - Tested To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications
• Engineered For High Efficiency, Superior Durability, Low Defect
• Sample Order:1-3 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• Stock Order:3-7 Days After Receipt Of Payment.
• OEM Order:15-30 Days After Receipt Of Down Payment.

Package Included

• 1 X Turbocharger Kit
• 1 X Balancing Test Certificate

Compressor Housing  
Compressor Wheel(in/out)  Ф52.56-Ф68
Turbine Housing  A/R.
Turbine Wheel(out/in)  Ф56-Ф65.2
Cooled  Water&Oil cooled
Bearing  Journal bearing
Thrust bearing  360°
Actuator  Internal
Inlet/outlet Flange  3 Bolt/5 Bolt

Related Informations

I turned up the boost on my turbocharger and now it’s unstable going up and down. Why is it doing this?
That is called a “BOOST SPIKE”. This can be caused by a bad wastegate design and/or location. It is more common on internal wastegate systems. The ports on internal wastegate systems are usually too small or at the wrong angle to maintain a stable boost level. A wastegate port that is too small will not let the exhaust gasses escape fast enough to slow down the turbine wheel.

Should I put a blow off valve on my turbo system?
Yes, a blow off valve (BOV) is a very good idea. It will keep the turbocharger alive much longer. When you are driving your car, the throttle plates are constantly being opened and closed. When the throttle plate is closed the turbo is blowing into a wall. This causes extreme axial load on the bearings, which will make the turbo prematurely fail. The BOV also keeps the turbo spinning while you shift from gear to gear keeping the spool-up time down between shifts.

Where should I put a BOV on my engine?
The correct placement for a BOV should be as close to the compressor discharge as possible. The BOV should always be before the intercooler. The signal line going to the BOV should be after the throttle plate. When the throttle plates shut a surge of vacuum will open the BOV.

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