Cartridge S310 175210 2507700 Caterpillar C9

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Newry Cartridge S310 175210 2507700 For Caterpillar 330D LHP, HHP Excavator With C9 Engine

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Part Number 175210
Previous versions 175210R, 13809880113, 1380-988-0113, 475210
OE Number 10R-2858, 10R-2969, 10R2858, 10R2969, 250-7700, 2507700
Year 2000-14
Description Caterpillar 330D LHP, HHP Excavator Industrial Engine
Turbo Model S310CG080
Manufacturer Part Number 1380-970-0113, 13809700113
CHRA 174129 (178189, 178397)(2355507, 20R-4999, 20R4999, 196-6097, 1966097, 478189, 478397)(1000070074C)  
Industrial Engine 330D, C9
Excavators 330D, 330D L, 336D L, 336D, 336D L, C9
Hydraulic Excavator 330D L &330D N, C9
Material Handler (HCR & FCR) 330D, C9
Track Feller Buncher 511, 521, 522, 532, 541, 551, 552, 2390, 2391, 2491, 2590, 2591, 541 Series 2, 521B, 522B, 552 Series 2, C9
Forest Swing Machine 330D, C9
Mobile Hydraulic Power Unit 330D L, 336D LN, 336D2 & 336D2 L, 340D2 L, C9
Petroleum Package TH31-C9I, C9
Petroleum Power Train Packaging CX31-C9I, C9
S/N TXD1-UP, THX14533-UP, THY5575-UP, THX23115-UP, THY1-UP, THX22638-UP, TXD238-UP, THY7136-UP, THY1-99999, THY7203-UP, THY7136-UP, JSC1-UP, THY5575-UP, TXD101-UP, THX22638-UP, THX1-UP, TXD183-UP, THX5497-UP, THY5000-UP, THX16200-UP, THX16790-UP, THX5400-UP, THX7500-UP, THX108-UP, THX6100-UP, THX300-UP, THX795-UP, HHK00001-UP, ZCT00001-UP, WDC00001-UP, EFT00001-UP, TLY00001-UP, L5K00001-UP, JRX00001-UP, J6D00001-UP, ZML00001-UP, MDS00001-UP, PTB00001-UP, JTN00001-UP, M3M00001-UP, JWR00001-UP, LMG00001-UP, PDZ00001-UP, MYG00001-UP, PGW00001-UP, DTS00001-UP, JBF00001-UP, M4T00001-UP, JBT00001-UP, KKT00001-UP, KDJ00001-UP, WET00001-UP, J2F00001-UP, W3K00001-UP, R2D00001-UP, LWC00001-UP, LRM00001-UP, H3D00001-UP, F7G00001-UP, MAG00001-UP, F7C00001-UP,F7B00001-UP, F7D00001-UP, P2D00001-UP, P6B00001-UP, P5J00001-UP, P4K00001-UP, P3H00001-UP, KRE00001-UP, HAS00001-UP, ERN00001-UP, D3D00001-UP, EAH00001-UP, B6H00001-UP, E4K00001-UP, H3K00001-UP, L2K00001-UP, 55200001-UP, 55100001-UP, 54100001-UP, 53200001-UP, 52200001-UP, 52100001-UP, 51100001-UP, PEL00001-UP, T2Y00001-UP, MWP00001-UP, C5K00001-UP, GGE00001-UP, EDX00001-UP, JSC00001-UP, JJM00001-UP
Engine Model C9
Displacement 9.0L, 9000 ccm
Fuel Diesel
Bearing Housing (Water Cooled)(1900011439)  
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 76. mm, Exd. 68. mm, Trm 11.7, 11 Blades)(1100016535)  
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 57.3 mm, Exd. 83. mm, Trm 9.9, 7+7 Blades, Superback)(1200016640)  
Back plate (1800016034)  


2000-14 Caterpillar 330D LHP, HHP Excavator with C9 Engine

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