Cartridge HX55 3790878 4044200 Volvo FH13 MD13

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Newry Cartridge HX55 3790878 4044200 For Volvo FH-FM 13 Truck MD13 (EURO 3) Engine

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Cartridge HE200WG 3776282 3794988 Foton Cummins ISF 2.8L


Part Number 4031406
Interchange number 403140600
OE number 1000020172T
Turbo Model HX55, HX55-D98K68RAV/A86J93PAC25WX, HE500FG
Turbine Wheel (Ind. 86. mm, Exd. 80. mm, 12 Blades) 
Comp. Wheel (Ind. 67. mm, Exd. 99. mm, 7+7 Blades)  


Volvo Truck, Industrial
Holset HX55 Turbos:

2834364, 2834366, 2840262, 2840263, 2841035, 3771813, 3771813, 3771817, 3771818, 4038876, 4038879, 4044200, 4044201, 4048102, 4048103, 4048104, 4048105, 4048106

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Ball bearing
A ball bearing turbocharger has a shaft inside the bearing bush. When the oil supply is running, an oil film forms between the bushing and the shaft, which makes the shaft smoother. A ball bearing charger has the advantage that it can be revisable, because the mechanic dispenses a complicated ball bearing. This means that it could be repaired in case of a shaft or bearing damage. Another advantage that should be mentioned is that it can be perceived as pleasant for some car owners to build a homogeneous performance field, the performance doesn´t come immediately.

How can I realize your company and products in a better way?
Expect the company information you could also browse our company’s websites.

What is your distribution strategy?
Inner China we mainly to do OE turbocharger and OE aftermarket station and small part of the retail market. In overseas we are mainly done through Internet and exhibition of foreign sales

How many shifts and days per week do your workers do?
Our employees are our best asset. In our Production, manufacturing and casting department, our workers work 1 shift per day. Usually, it is a five days per week for most workers. If we receive more orders, we will adjust the working days and rest days.

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