Cartridge GTA4294BS 741154-0011 755593-0006 Caterpillar C15

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Newry Cartridge GTA4294BS 741154-0011 755593-0006 For Caterpillar Industrial, Truck, Various C15

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Cartridge GTA4294BS 741154-0011 755593-0006 Caterpillar C15


Part Number 712402-0055
Previous Part Number 712402-5055S, 712402-0032
Turbo Model GTA4294BS, GTA4294, GT42, GTA42
Turbine Wheel 741419-0006 (741419-0002) (Ind. 72.3 mm, Exd. 82. mm, 12 Blades)
Comp. Wheel 735657-0009 (Ind. 62.33 mm, Exd. 93.96 mm, 10 Blades, Superback)


Caterpillar Industrial, Truck, Various C15
Garrett GTA4294BS Turbos:

755593-0001, 755593-0002, 755593-0003, 755593-0004, 755593-0005, 755593-0006, 741154-0004, 741154-0005, 741154-0006, 741154-0009, 741154-0010, 741154-0011

Related Informations

How does a Waste gate work?
A Wastegate is simply a turbine bypass valve. It works by diverting some portion of the exhaust gas around, instead of through, the turbine. This limits the amount of power that the turbine can deliver to the compressor, thereby limiting the turbo speed and boost level that the compressor provides.

Could you OEM turbocharger for our own brand?
Sure. We accept ODM and OEM Turbocharger order from worldwide.

Do you supply Cartridge (CHRA) for turbochargers?
Yes, Cartridge (CHRA) is our key product.

What kind of processing equipments are available in your factory?
CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, 5-Axis Machining Center…

What are the advantages of turbocharger?
To improve engine power. In the case of constant engine displacement charge density can be increased, so that the engine can be more fuel injection, thereby increasing engine power, after installation of the booster engine power and torque to be increased by 20% to 30%. On the contrary, at the request of the same power output can reduce engine bore and narrow engine size and weight.

How does a turbocharger work?
The idea of a turbocharger is to increase the density of the air pulled into the each cylinder of the engine (also known as increasing volumetric efficiency).
The advantage of squeezing more air into the combustion chamber is that proportionally more fuel can also be added, which means that more power is generated from the explosions in each cylinder.
This improves the power to weight ratio of an engine, making it more efficient and powerful than a non-turbocharged (or naturally aspirated) engine of the same size.

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